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Ballet Bodies in SHAPE Magazine

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Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival

Ballet Bodies was a featured studio at the 2018 Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival in Los Angeles. Master Trainer, Romi Rivera, lead classes at the festival sharing the Ballet Bodies technique.


Ballet Bodies Party!

BB Anniversary Party!

Ballet Bodies x POPSUGAR x Propel Co:Labs Video

Join Romi for this 40-Minute Cardio and Booty-Burning Barre Workout!

Ballet Bodies x Christine Bullock YouTube series

Ballet Bodies mini series with Christine Bullock.

Ballet Bodies on Buzzfeed

Body Builder trying ballet for the first time.

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Ballet Bodies x MICHI

Class and photo shoot collaborations with MICHI athletic wear.


Puma Workshops with Ashley Lee

BB has hosted numerous Puma sponsored classes led by the amazing Ashley Lee!