About Ballet Bodies


Ballet Bodies is an elite boutique fitness studio located in the upscale Beverly Grove / West Hollywood area of Los Angeles.  Our studio specializes in a signature Pilates / ballet fusion technique.  Our mission is to provide world-class fitness instruction to each and every one of our clients.

Ballet Bodies is owned by a woman and operated by strong, inspiring women; however men are welcome . . . if they are up for the challenge!

Cross-training is the key to longevity as a dancer, and at Ballet Bodies we believe no form of exercise is off-limits as long as it keeps you strong, lean, and injury-free. Whether you’re on classical Pilates equipment (reformers or Cadillacs), rebounders, or utilizing just your body as your prime mode of movement, each movement draws its inspiration from a professional dancer’s precision and grace. The BB method will change the way you feel in body, mind, and spirit.