Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I wear for class?

    1. For classes and sessions we recommend wearing comfortable fitness or athletic wear that you can move easily in. Baggy clothes are not recommended as they can inhibit movements.

    2. Many clients like to wear traditional ballet attire (leotards, leg warmers, ballet skirts, tights) but this is not required. Wear what you feel good in!

    3. SHOES:

      1. Sticky socks are suggested for Ballet Burn. Sneakers and street shoes are no longer needed with our new marley floor.

      2. Ballet Shoes are encouraged for Ballet Basic, but not mandatory. They have the right amount of friction and slip to them which does help in class, but if you’re unsure, socks are a good option.

      3. Bare feet or socks are recommended for Ballet Sculpt and Ballet Stretch

  2. How do I book a class?

    1. There are a few options for booking:

      1. The easiest way to book a class is though the MindBody App. It is free in the App Store. Just download it, log in and search for Ballet Bodies. From here you can book, purchase and cancel classes.

      2. Through our website. Using the button at the bottom of every page you can book classes. Just follow the prompts.

  3. Where can I park?

    1. Ballet Bodies has 4 parking spots (tandem) that are first come first serve. They are located around the back of the building near the entrance. If one of those spots is unavailable, street parking (both metered and in the neighborhood) is available. Please be sure to check signs before parking!

      • Parking can be difficult on the weekends and in the evenings when neighborhood parking is limited. Please allow yourself extra time to park and get into class.

    2. Please do NOT park in spots labeled for the neighboring businesses (West Elm, Tweak, Detox Market, and Mandrete). These spots are reserved and can/will tow away unauthorized vehicles.

  4. Are Reformer Classes included in the Unlimited packages?

    1. No. The unlimited packages are for Group Classes only.

  5. Is Ballet Bodies for kids?

    1. Ballet Bodies is an adult fitness studio. Our minimum age for Group Classes is 15.

    2. In some circumstances, we can provide private training to clients under 15. Please contact the front desk for more details.

  6. Do men work out at Ballet Bodies?

    1. Yes! All of our classes and sessions are open to all genders.

  7. Which class is best for beginners?

    1. If you have never taken a ballet class before (or need a refresher), we recommend our Ballet Beginner class or taking a private session or 2 to get a base knowledge of ballet terms and positions. This knowledge will be helpful in all classes since they are all infused with ballet.

    2. Our Ballet Basic I is the Ballet Bodies staple. This class is open to all levels. Ballet Basic II is a little more advanced version of Ballet Basic I.

    3. All of our other classes (Ballet Burn, Ballet Sculpt, Ballet Stretch) are “All Levels”, which means there is a mix of beginners to advanced clients in each class. Classes are crafted to fit the needs of the clients in the room at the time, so some classes can feel “harder” or “easier” depending on the level of the clients.

  8. What is your cancellation policy?

    1. Ballet Bodies has a 12 hour cancellation policy for Group and Reformer Classes and a 24 hour cancellation policy for Private and Semi-Private training. The full policy is listed here:

      • If you are unable to keep your private/semi-private session appointment, you must notify Ballet Bodies 24 hours in advance or agree to pay in full for the missed session. If you are unable to attend your scheduled reformer or group class you must cancel 12 hours in advance or agree to lose your class credit. Please note with unlimited packages there is a $20 no-show/late-cancel fee per class missed. There is a 5-minute grace period for class late comers. However, in the event there is a wait list, if you are not present at start of class, your reservation will be forfeited and given to someone who is waiting.

  9. How can I cancel my class or session?

    1. You can cancel your class through whatever means you booked through - MindBody App, Classpass, Zenrez, the front desk, etc.

      • If you are trying to cancel outside of studio hours and are having problems, please email us at . We will honor all early cancels that are time-stamped 12 hours (for Group and Reformer Classes) or 24 hours (for Private and Semi-Private Sessions) in advance.

      • We are no longer accepting cancellations left on our voicemail. Please email to cancel if no one answers the phone.

  10. Does Ballet Bodies rent studio space?

    1. Yes! Please talk with the front desk for availability and pricing.