Ballet Bodies Class Descriptions



This cardio segment is a fun and inspiring way to get your heart rate up and burn calories and fat! It combines a series of ballet steps that get you dancing like a true ballet dancer while achieving a cardiovascular workout. After mastering the dance, we switch to ballet jumps and exercises in order to keep the heart rate elevated and continue the challenge and fun!


A combination of mat Pilates, floor barre, and classic personal training, this varied mat workout centers around toning and sculpting muscles in order to achieve our ideal ballet dancer aesthetic.


This segment is dedicated to stretching and lengthening muscles through a combination of ballet and yoga movements. A relaxing way to elongate your physique while keeping the muscles and joints healthy and mobile.  Perfect way to cool down the bod, reshape your muscles, and clear your mind.

Ballet Basic

A traditional ballet class set to current/cool tunes is a staple in the Ballet Bodies repertoire. Staying true to classical ballet, we work through combinations that primarily take place at the barre. Ballet shoes recommended but not required.  

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